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Welcome To BeCoolGal's Hello Kitty World
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Hi everyone, welcome to BeCoolGal's Hello Kitty World. As you can see, this page is dedicated to my favourite character of all time, Hello Kitty. I must say that Hello Kitty is one of the most adorable and the one of the sweetest character I have ever seen. Please follow me and Hello Kitty and go on a tour into Hello Kitty's world, where you can learn all about Hello Kitty, meet her family, her friends, see how Hello Kitty becomes one of the most popular icon in the whole world. There is also a picture gallery where you can download all the Hello Kitty pictures and use it freely. I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as Hello Kitty did!

Hello Kitty Latest Updates/News
Wednesday, 31st May 2000
    New! Hello Kitty Games section!
    We have a new section called Hello Kitty Games. The games are actually from the official Hello Kitty website. Since they are highly popular, Hello Kitty likes to share them with you here as well! So come and check them out now!Hello!

Hello Kitty Past Updates/News
Tuesday, 16th May 2000
    Hello Kitty Coloring Pages Added!
    Due to large demand from the visitors, Hello Kitty has decided to share her Coloring Pages with all of you. There are 7 full pages avilable for you to download, so come and get them now, and share the fun with Hello Kitty and her friends!Hello!
Sunday, 14th May 2000
    Hello Kitty's Information Updated!
    Hello Kitty's informations is updated! Find out where Hello Kitty lives, the school she goes to, where her grandparents live and lot more! You can also find out what kind of boys Hello Kitty likes too! Go and find out by clicking here! Hello!
Thursday, 20th April 2000
    Updated February, March, April and new May calender
    We have added our much delayed March and April calenders. We have also fixed up the old February calender. Even more, we have also added May calender too. Go and check them out NOW! Hello!
Saturday, 18th March 2000 Saturday, 11th March 2000
    Hello Kitty just included a new CALENDER section. A new monthly calender will be added to that section, therefore this section will be updated every month. See if you can collect all 12 by the end of the year! Hello!
Wednesday, 9th February 2000
    Hello Kitty just included a new DOWNLOADS section. This section you can download Hello Kitty programs, screensavers, wallpapers, calenders, and lots more. Right now we only have a few downloads, but more are coming up in the near future! Hello!
Monday, 7th February 2000
    19 more pictures are added to Kitty's Picture Gallery! Now we have 5 full pages and 60 pictures all together and more are coming up! Go and get them now! Hello!
Sunday, 6th February 2000
    We have updated our Picture Gallery, now the pictures are in thumbnails rather than loading them straight away into full size. This not only makes the Picture Gallery to load faster, but also much neater too! Hello!
Saturday, 5th February 2000
    BeCoolGal's Hello Kitty World has a new look! Instead of the white background, we now have a more attractive light blue background! More changes to this page is still to come, including better (and cuter) menu at the bottom of the page. Make sure you come back often to mind out all the latest news and updates here at BeCoolGal's Hello Kitty World! Hello!

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